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Wall of donors

Alumni and friends support Keble for many different reasons. Explore our donor wall, read some of their stories and perhaps you’ll be inspired to join them. You can upload your photo and comments once you’ve donated.

Minerva Lim

I will always be grateful to Keble for providing me with a welcoming, supportive and diverse community throughout my undergraduate years at Oxford. The friends I made at Keble have become family; the tutors I met there are now life-long friends and mentors. The memories I have of my time there are unforgettable and it will always remain a place very close to my heart.


History, 2013

Lisa Weston

I'd like to thank Keble

My time at Keble remains very special to me not least because of the academic opportunity, but also because of the incredible connections and friendships I have made, many of which continue to this day. Keble remains a unique nurturing environment for students from all backgrounds to develop and grow in confidence and individuality, as I did. The opportunity to make a positive contribution and give something back to the college is something I am passionate about. I take great pride in being part of this unique community. Thank you Keble!!


Law, 1997

Bill Gannon


The one occasion that stands out for me, and the reason I donate, is when I discovered that one of my fellow undergraduates back in 1991 had been living in a van, and this was before tuition fees. I therefore think it is vital that one of the original purposes of the college, that of "making Oxford accessible to people from all backgrounds", should be supported.


Engineering Science, 1990

Helena Ingram (Moore)

I'd like to thank Keble

Keble offers an inclusive and supportive environment where individuals can pursue their interests and fulfil their potential. My time at Keble has given me confidence, self-belief, perspective and opportunity - thank you!


Mathematics, 1987

Mike Wallace

Why I have donated

Keble gave me the chance to widen my horizons. Coming from a deprived part of Scotland Keble opened up a wealth of new opportunities: new sports to try (rowing!), new people to meet and new things to learn. Keble changed me and whilst I can’t ever repay that I donate so that others can have that opportunity too.


Engineering Science, 2003

Kannon Shanmugam


I would like to thank Keble for my wife! I met Vicki outside the Lodge in my first week at the College. It was wonderful to bring our children back to Keble a few years ago and to show them the spot where their mummy and daddy first met. Keble will always have a special place in Vicki’s and my hearts.


MLitt Classics, 1993

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